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Home, a home away from home, your birthplace, your hood, it’s where i grew up, Hillside, The Hill. Whatever you’d like to call it; it’s where majority of us with Namsayin grew up. Being an 80s baby, ive seen it all. From the kids riding their bikes on the center walking way on Beacon Ave, to the avenue being a main strip for meet ups with car clubs; lowriders (lolos) or mini-trucks; even being a race way for emerging import racing scenesters. It was a central spot for people to come and gather.

Growing up there was 3 options getting around on beacon; walk, ride your bike or take the bus. Never did we walk. Seldom rode our bicycles, but we’d often take the bus. While on the bus, I’d stare out of the windows; watch the trees pass by; see the kids playing at Jefferson Park; It was a familiar routine for many of us Beacon Hillers, but it built character in the individuals who sat in the ghetto limousine, but it was our ghetto limousine.

We will be releasing a shirt dedicated to the friends/family. This is for my hood. This is for the ghetto limousine riders and of course one to unite our locals. Tomorrow we will announce the release date, location and time of our “Know where you came from.” shirt. Incase you forgot what it looks like. Here’s my brother modelling the shirt. Check our site tomorrow for the info.

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  1. Eric T. Yamada October 4th, 2010 2:19 am

    Need a 3XL long???

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