Mar 6

Seattle Hip-Hop is on its way

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Ughhh! I know im late with the news, but seeing everyone’s updates via facebook and how happy my fellow hip hop heads have been reacting to the amazing news I had to do a write up and give praise to our new front runner to the hip hop game here in Seattle; Macklemore. Macklemore has been putting in work for years and it’s a beautiful time and feeling to embrace his it; considering there are a ton of hip hop artist running with the same cliche outfit/style/delivery.

With that said, our friends at have been putting out snippets of there up and coming documentary in the works. They’re working on a full length documentary surrounding Seattle’s hip-hop scene and this is just a taste. Congrats to Macklemore and congrats to YOU, the people of Seattle; who’ve been believeing in the music and for being proud of where we came from. Cheers to the next level.

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